From Kerri:

I grew up in the south eating fried foods, more fried foods, and oh yes, let’s not forgot the Little Debbie cakes.  I started having what I referred to as “stomach fits” when I was 6 years old.  Chronic kidney infections plagued me as well.  I dealt with constipation most of my adult life (that is until I found Paddy).

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I was always “working” on myself, emotionally and physically.  I sure did my share of self-medicating, but I was also always trying to find that one thing that was going to heal me.  Well, I have come to learn and accept that there is no one thing…and life is a work in progress.  But, I will say that meeting Paddy and having my first colonic was a pivotal point in my life.

How did I decide that I would try a colonic?  Well, after truck loads of prescription medications, specialist after specialist, painful attack after painful attack, I turned to alternative support.  Alls Well That Ends Well……ahh…a glimmer of hope.  Would colonics really help me?  Only one way to find out.

So, I went and met with Paddy.  It was like hooking up with an old friend.  She was genuine, warm and caring.  She made me feel totally comfortable with the entire process.  After my first colonic, I was really surprised at all the emotional “shit” that came up.  After my third colonic, I was starting to feel so much lighter….emotionally and physically.  Wow….everything IS connected.  I ditched the prescription drugs and started to eat healthier.  My friends thought I was crazy…but I looked so forward to seeing Paddy and getting my regular colonic.  Still do!  Woooo!

I am not exaggerating when I say that colonics have changed my life.  I haven’t had a stomach fit in several years now. Of course, I eat healthy, but colonics keep me on track and help me stay motivated to make better choices.  I have been raving about Paddy, but would also like say that I have worked with Jill a couple of time as well and she is great too.  They are both quality people who know their shit!  Thank you, Paddy and Jill, for doing what you do!  I love you!

From Andrea Nakayama and Andrea Livingston at TrulyFood:

We happily refer all of our clients to All’s Well because we know firsthand that these amazing women can transform a seemingly uncomfortable experience into and informative and healing session.  All’s Well provides one of the ultimate routes to detoxify and foster long-term sustainable health.  We both make our colonics at All’s Well a routine part of our health regime.

From Darlene:

“I’m amazed and deeply grateful for the holistic care, genuine support as well as the practical guidance and profound wisdom. I had no idea my physical cleansing and healing would integrate such deep emotional, mental, and spiritual shifts and that you all would facilitate such healing on all levels. Words cannot express the gifts and healing you bring. I’m so grateful.”

From Pat:

I love All’s Well That Ends Well!  These ladies are so skillful and helpful.  I really feel nurtured there.  The colon therapy is so easy and I feel like I can do it the way that is just right for me.  I especially love having my feet massaged during the colonic.  It is really relaxing and helps things loosen up!

I am doing all I can to support my healing journey and this is a great way to get rid of “old Stuff” and to feel like I am moving on.

Thank you so much Jill and Paddy.  I feel blessed to have you in my life.  Your treatments have helped me so much.  I am very grateful.

From Sheryl:

I want to let you know that without your help , I think my husband would be dead today.  Due to the large amount of medication and chemo he has been on in the last few years, everyone, including the doctors are amazed that he is still alive.  I credit the colonics to getting the toxins out of his system as the reason he is still here on earth.

I cannot say enough about the service and care you have extended to our family.  You have a vast amount of knowledge to share and i wish the medical field would include colonics instead of prescribing stool softeners and drinking fiber drinks.  I sincerely thank you and does our family for saving my husband and giving him the courage to keep trying.