Common Questions

How will I feel after my first session?

Most clients report feeling more energized and lighter post session.  Some clients report common detoxification side effects.  These side effects can be: headaches, gurgling in the gut, or feeling tired or depleted.  These symptoms almost always go away after having a second session in a back-to-back.

Why do back-to-backs?

Most importantly, clients report feeling better when they have two sessions in a row when first starting a detox journey.  Most clients eliminate as much (if not more) on day #2 leading us colon hydrotherapists to believe that colonic #1 helps loosen up toxins that don’t always come out til the second day.  The International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) recommends having 2 sets of “back-to-back” sessions two weeks in a row and we couldn’t agree more…

How many sessions should I have?

This depends on what you are going for.  Perhaps you are constipated and want to use the colonics to turn around your cycle of incomplete eliminations.  Several colonics in a short period of time might be the answer for you.  Or perhaps you want to augment a fast or nutritional program so want to have one colonic per week in the midst of your cleanse.  Or maybe you have no idea.  There are many ways to use colonics to your benefit.  Most clients have a sense of whether colonics are an ideal modality for them after their first set of back-to-back sessions.  Trust your intuition or talk to your colon hydrotherapist and they will help you devise a program that is ideal for you.

Will I be running for the toilet all day after my session?

No!  Most people are able to get all of the water out of them before they get off of the equipment.  We recommend sticking around the office for a few minutes if you are concerned, although it is rare to keep eliminating post session.

What is the difference between an open or closed system?

The equipment we use, The LIBBE, is an open system.  What this literally means is that you means is that the tube that goes in your bottom is very very small (smaller than the diameter of a pencil), and that when you eliminate during the session, your eliminations OPENLY move around the tube as they get flushed down through the clear viewing tube to the sewer.

In a closed system, the tube that goes in your bottom is larger, allowing water to go in and eliminations to go out through the same tube.

While both open and closed system colonics work to clean out the large intestines, we have chosen and open system because we believe it to be much more comfortable and efficient.  There is also a theory that an open-system colonic may be more beneficial in toning your colon as it stimulates a “work out” of the peristaltic action of the colon.

Does it hurt?

No!  Absolutely not!  That being said, it is not like a massage:  You will not be lying back passively relaxing. Having a colon hydrotherapy session is more like working out at the gym.  You will actively be taking in warm water and eliminating…the same way you do when you go to the bathroom on a toilet.  The worst of how any session feels is that you might experience cramps, nausea, or that sensation you get when you have diarrhea.  90%of the time people are chatting to us in the midst of their session without any side effects.

Does it smell bad?

No!  The system is designed in such a brilliant way that channels the air out of the building.  Nothing stinky at all!

Can you become addicted to colonics?

Not possible!  Colonics are designed to help your elimination improve so clients even with extreme constipation often find that they eliminate more regularlly and completely post session.  If constipation is your issue, our job is to get you eliminating well and send you on your way.  You will find all of us dancing in the streets when the world is pooping well and colonics are no longer essential to offsetting our toxic world!

What about good bacteria?

While there are no studies indicating that colonics alter our bacterial balance, probiotics (good bacteria) is an essential aspect of our health.  For that reason, we offer clients the opportunity to have good bacteria at the end of their session put in rectally through the equipment.  What a coup to be able to put bacteria back into the gut to thrive!

Do you really need to have a colonic if you’re “regular”?

14 years ago I had a friend who happened to be a colon hydrotherapist.  This friend of mine was completely fantatical about colonics and begged me to have colonics.  I could not see the point since I’ve been regular my entire life.  It took me a year of listening to my friend talk about colonics before I was willing to have one.  Once I did, I saw the point.  Colonics can be an essential aspect of detoxifying your body.  Even if you eliminate well on your own, colon hydrotherapy can be useful.

How is a colonic different than an enema?

It is our opinion that colonics are not only easier to have than enemas, but also much more efficient.  When you do an enema at home, you hold as much water or solution in your colon as you can for as long as you can and then eliminate.  You basically have one fill of water.  When you have a colonic, you have a continuous flow of water in.  You do not have to hold the water beyond your comfort level and can eliminate whenever need be without having to run to a restroom.  Most people are able to hold more and more water throughout the session as they clear out matter and impactions.

Do I need to be fasting?

No need to fast to have a session although if you are already on a fast or cleanse, it is a great time to have a colonic!  We strongly suggest that people consider upping your intake of water, fresh fruit, and vegetables before coming in and decreasing processed food and any “junk food” or foods you know to be sensitive or allergic to. Eating well before a cleanse begins the process of helping your body to flush away toxins, making your colonic easier and more efficient!

Can I have a session if I’m on my period?

Yes!  In fact, many clients have reported that having a colonic in the midst of their menses eases menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms.