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Jill Simons

jill simons colon hydrotherapist

I’m pretty sure that no one has childhood dreams of cleaning out other peoples bums for a living. I certainly didn’t, and in fact had no idea that the profession of being a colon hydrotherapist even existed. And yet here I am, 20 years into this career, feeling more nourished and fulfilled with each passing year.

I have always gravitated to a work life (and acutal whole life) being about connection. I was a teacher of hard of hearing kids in my twenties and then became a counselor in a domestic violence shelter. I helped create a youth program for children of women getting out of prostitution, It was there that I learned the power of listening, how having someone hear your story can make the difference of either having a rough life or finding answers within to make different choices. I knew that this was my life path no matter what my profession.

Along the way, I had the good fortune of meeting Paddy Lazar. She and I were co-workers at The Council for Prostitution Alternatives and also dear friends. We shared a passion for ending oppression, trying to live meaningful and big lives, and love of our dogs. It was on a dog walk, after we found out that our agency would soon be closing that the vision of becoming colon hydrotherapists emerged. We were listing out the things in our lives we loved and we had a big laugh about how we both loved having colonics.

I am not one to believe in magical thinking, but I swear that when the idea of us becoming colon hydrotherapists spawned, the clouds parted, the sun began to shine, and the plans for getting trained and starting a business together easily clicked into place.

In the early days, I had no idea how powerful and useful colonics were. It made sense to me back then that they would be helpful for people with digestive issues. But as time has passed, so has our understanding of the body, the gut, detoxification, diet and microbiome.

With my own eyes, I have seen colonics become vital to the well being of a myriad of humans, both healthy and sick. I am a witness to Lyme clients coming in with brain fog and leaving reporting more clarity; to arthritic clients reporting decreased imflamation after an hour long session; to seeing people heratbroken over deaths, life changes and losses let go; to water fasters continuing to eliminate fecal matter 30 days into a cleanse; to cancer clients getting a spring in their step post treatment; to people becoming less constipated and bloated; to watching people be able to make necessary changes in diet and exercise to improve their lives. It is by hearing clients over and over again share such positive results from their colonics, that I am convinced that if you are called to this modality, it is not without a reason.

At All’s Well That Ends Well, we are here to support you, share resources with you, and make your session be as comfortable as possible. We look forward to meeting you.

Paddy Lazar

paddy lazar colon hydrotherapist

I’ve continually made choices through life that had brought me to both authenticity and connections. My background includes pediatric nursing, palliative nursing and hospice. For ten years, I worked,as a counselor, with amazing women who were escaping prostitution and/or being harmed in the sex industry.

20 years ago,I began feeling exhausted and disconnected. I was examined, tested and did everything I knew to figure out the answer and “fix” this uncomfortable state of being…to no avail. This is when I began speaking to folks outside of “traditional”medicine. One of my friends was studying to be a naturopath and was also a colon hydrotherapist, who after much cajoling, convinced me to have a few colonics. After 2 sessions, I noticed a shift in my health and wellbeing. This was the beginning of opening a path towards a life change.

Jill Simons, who was going through a similar experience, joined me in going to Texas to complete the required program and testing to become an IACT(International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy) certified Colon Hydrotherapist. In returning to Portland, we were drawn to join the brilliant and wonderful Practitioners at Circle Healthcare Clinic to begin our business, All’s Well That Ends Well.

Now that I am reaching towards 70 years, I am so grateful for the vitality and well being that is this moment in life. This has stemmed from 20 years of making choices and decisions that include doing my own healing work of colonics, nutrition and having a solid support system as well as the knowledge and deep connections gathered through all the diverse folks that have entrusted me and my coworkers to be their guide when making the decision, for whatever their reason, to walk through our front door. Thank you all for your bravery, commitment and participation in your health and well being.

Melissa Detroy

The world of health, healing and colon cleansing came to me as one BIG surprise. I went to art school, studied music, illustrated, traveled the world and thought I had it all figured out! At the age of 21 I had colon surgery. An unexpected illness that struck and left me to throw up my hands and say “holy smokes, now what?!” I moved to New York City to study Holistic Health and Nutrition, for my own healing journey. I read several books on health- it was a true and immediate passion of mine. I was on a mission to get my health and heart back into balance and see how I can help myself be well. During school I was introduced to a Colon Hydrotherapist who later inspired me to give colonics a go… I’ll tell you right now, that was the last thing I ever wanted to just give ‘a go’ at! Yet, I am so glad I did. My first session wasn’t that ‘amazing’ feeling that most talk about. It took time and I was committed to that. I knew there was something special about it.

I started my Holistic Health practice in New York City 2009; seeing private clients for Health & Lifestyle Coaching. Very soon after, I went to Cathy Shea’s School of Colon Hydrotherapy in Florida and practiced in 2011 at SanaVita NYC as a Colon Hydrotherapist. I had this deep knowing that colonics were to be apart of my path to help others reconnect to their bodies… Find balance. Heal and deal. Pick up the pieces. And let’s be honest, especially folk who live in big cities like New York!

Colonics have not only been a major part of my ‘physical’ healing but so much more. I continue to learn so much from the very people who come to see me. I love sharing my story with others because I am just like you. Looking for deeper healing. And there is nothing greater then experiencing your own empowerment through cleansing from the inside out.

I am now living in Portland to be closer to nature and an even more balanced lifestyle. I am grateful to be here and thrilled to support you in health & wellbeing.

Blessings to you in Health & Healing,