Local wellness referrals

Naturopathic doctors:

Dr. Steven Bailey, N.D., author of The Detox Diet, and local fasting guru.

Donna Beck, N.D., comprehensive holistic healthcare and even cooking classes!

Dr. Daniel Newman, M.D., N.D., and Chinese Medicine practitioner.  Our favorite to call when you have tried everything and you are still not well.

Dr. Patricia Murphy, N.D., LAc., compassionate acupuncture, functional medicine, and more!  503.771.1417

Suzanne Scopes, N.D, Circle Healthcare Clinic’s very own naturopathic doctor, with over twenty years of experience treating the entire family.

Tony Murczeck, ND., Lac, AK, east combines west with Dr. Murczek who also uses applied kinesiology as a tool to help support your well-being.

Angela Lambert, N.D.Lac, a great Portland ND!

David Naimon, N.D., Lac, herbalist and host of KBOO’s Healthwatch.

Heidi Peterson, N.D., experience with heavy metal toxicity, reproductive healthcare and more.

Ariel Policano, N.D.,one of the most dynamic inspiring N.D.s out there.  Ariel is a raw foodist and while not in Portland, Oregon, she is available for phone consult and skype from anywhere and leads downright inspiring tele/web classes.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Michelle Newell, Circle Healthcare’s very own acupuncturist.  Michelle is an acupuncturist with vision.

Massage Therapists

Lori Krampetz, one of the top notch massage therapists from Circle Healthcare Clinic.  She goes deep on many levels!

Sarah Kittleson, another wonderful Circle Healthcare Clinic massage therapist!  So enjoyable! 503.230.0812

Roy Nolan, one of Portland’s best.  He has finger on the pulse of myofascial release and visceral massage.  Knowledgable and very skilled! 503.233.1416

Valerie Lyon.  If you’re curious about Aston Patterning, posture, an body mechanics, Valerie, is THE person for you.  Her gentle touch brings on profound shifts!


Annie Adams.  Annie is an all-around excellent Portland resource.  She offers excellent classes on cooking and fermenting following Weston Price’s philosophy and even has her own “store” of where to get local eggs, raw cocoa and more…503.752.8024

Andrea Nakayama and Andrea Caplan Livingston.  Our personal favorite dynamic duo for leading the tastiest cleanses in this town!  Plus they lead classes on superfoods, feeding the family, and more.  Check them out!

Michelle Patten with Body Harmony.  An amazing practitioner full of knowledge and skill about nutrition, food, and health.  503.525.9170.

The Basics


KBOO Interview – Healthwatch

An interview with All’s Well’s Jill Simons, certified colon hydrotherapist, who discusses the health benefits of colonics and their role in detoxification.


All colonics are $90 per session.


We recommend doing “back-to back” sessions.

Read more about this…


Sessions last about an hour, although plan to be here for an hour and a half for your first session.