Jan 23 2011

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  1. Sitting here thinking “Whatever happened to” and decided to look for Patricia Sue Lazar. And there you are in Portland. I’d know that face anywhere. I think you were in Bradenton last I knew. I’m still in Gainesville, working for UF, had my 30 years in last year so my retirement payments are being invested while I work an extra 5 years. I have some great pictures of you around here somewhere from my photojournalism class assignments. I hope you’re well. You look great.


  2. Hey Sharon, How cool to find each other.30 years at UF, that’s so impressive and, of course will be a wonderful payoff for your retirement! I am doing well and enjoying life at the age of 65. Have you been to Portland? It’s such a different living experience than Florida, and suits me better, the politics, weather, hiking, etc…I have been with my partner for 28 years, although we have always chosen to live seperately. I am partially retired, but still work 2 days a week at the Naturopathic clinic. I’d love to see those photos of me if you ever find them. I actually may have copies too in my photo collection. Such a very long time ago and you remembered me. I am honored and happy to hear from you. Paddy

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